Passive Income: I do not want to go back to working 50 plus hours a week, ever.

“When I got laid off from my job in 2015, I promised myself that I’d do whatever it took to become my own boss and never go back to a full-time job.”

I do not want to go back

I do not ever want to go back

How did people do that for 40 years?

Day in and day out?

That’s not living

That’s not life

That is not why we were put on the earth

Working 50 to 70 plus hours a week?!

Never seeing your family

One day (maybe) to run errands

One day to rest or church

Missing your kids growth

Trusting their growth to strangers

Hoping the strangers are not woefully ignorant, racist, prejudice, quick-tempered or some other negative attribute

Working 50 plus hours and barely getting by

Employers make you feel like your begging for time off or that you are lazy or sickly

I do not want to go back


Impatient drivers fouling my mood, crashes, car pollution

Always on someone else’s schedule instead of following my body’s schedule,

my mind’s schedule

Rushed eating, not eating, garbage eating

The mentality has not changed since slavery-cheap, exploited labor

Fighting for a livable wage

Being painted as lazy for wanting more out of life than sacrificing everything to make another a billionaire.

It is time to rethink,



and unapologetically forge ahead.

“Drown decided it was time for him to quit his $15-per-hour job after ice storms pummeled West Virginia in February. According to Drown, he was expected to show up to work despite icy road conditions. When the ice melted, roads began to flood.”

“Drown is one of the many workers responding to companies’ recent complaints about hiring struggles with a simple demand: Improve working conditions, or pay us more.”

What employers and politicians do not seem to realize is even before, but exasperated by the pandemic lockdown, employees’ are rejecting the traditional work environment. People are rethinking and reevaluating what is important in life. Many employers in the U.S. were slow to adapt to new work models such as working from home, adoption of applications (apps) and artificial intelligence, on-premise daycare, and flexible work hours.

We have all heard of the generous benefits received by employees in other countries. Businesses also did not anticipate the cultural work differences between retiring Baby Boomers and Gen-Z. Restaurants did not anticipate the shift by their employees from close-contact, low-wage work to Amazon or other companies that thrived during the lockdown and offer higher pay and benefits.

The worldwide pandemic forced businesses in the U.S. to adapt to new ways to conduct business. Many businesses seemed to think these were temporary measures, making empty promises to employees that they would be open to making these changes permanent. Now, these same businesses are reneging on their promises, calling their employees to return to the office, and receiving pushback.

Businesses did not seem to realize how the lockdowns would affect the mindset of employees. Many employees realized the old work model was untenable and began looking for new ways of earning income. No work-life balance was possible. Employees want flexibility, work-life balance, higher pay, benefits. People just want to enjoy their lives with minimal stress.

Quarantine has given us all time and solitude to think—a risk for any individual, and a threat to any status quo.

Relieved of the deforming crush of financial fear, and of the world’s battering demands and expectations, people’s personalities have started to assume their true shape. And a lot of them don’t want to return to wasting their days in purgatorial commutes, to the fluorescent lights and dress codes and middle-school politics of the office. Service personnel are apparently ungrateful for the opportunity to get paid not enough to live on by employers who have demonstrated they don’t care whether their workers live or die.

These same businesses now complain they cannot find workers and blame enhanced unemployment benefits even though this trend has been occurring for the last few years.

Top 4 Reasons Why Employers Can’t Find Skilled Workers (2019)

These conditions in the workplace have increased interest in alternate, additional income streams such as passive income. One appeal of passive income is its tax treatment. Let’s review the basic concepts. (Continued)

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