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I love math. I love numbers. I always envisioned myself running my own business. So I set goals and knocked down each one.

I worked for a few CPA firms to gain experience in a variety of areas from business and individual taxes, auditing, bookkeeping for all types of businesses including sole-proprietorships, partnerships, S-corporations, C-corporations, and non-profits.

I worked with a variety of businesses ranging from rental real estate/AirBnb, cannabis, restaurants, ice cream shops, donut shops, Uber drivers, investors from all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, and Monaco.

My Goal

My goal for this blog is to share my experiences in the accounting field, some humorous, some sad and to enlighten people about accounting concepts that will be useful in business and life.

Built for the future.

I did not like the service model at the CPA firms I worked. I felt they needed to move to the 21st century- paperless, more app integration, advisory. The old model needed to be thrown out -manual data entry, wasting time tracking time, no work life balance. In contrast, I wanted to be more client-focused and slow the process down instead of rushing to complete a quota of clients a day,

Is a budget needed? Forecasting? Is more than one product or service being sold? Let’s examine which one is profitable. Let’s set a timetable for goal achievement.

About Mesheba Williams

Williams Accounting LLC is a Las Vegas-based accounting, tax, and financial consulting firm that works with clients to achieve the best solutions for their business.

Mesheba Williams has a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Management and also a Master’s Degree in Financial Analysis with ten years experience working in the accounting profession. She is a member of the Institute of Management Accountants and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

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